Mistakes to Avoid in Slip and Fall Cases

Slip And Fall Cases

Slipping and falling can be an embarrassing as well as painful experience. Even though slip and fall accidents are common, their outcome can be severe sometimes, including serious injuries.

Most people do not give enough importance to slip and fall accidents, hence they make a lot of mistakes when it comes to such cases. If you have sustained injuries from the accident and you want to file a lawsuit for claiming the damages you suffered, it is important to avoid these mistakes. Therefore, we are listing some common mistakes that people often commit in slip and fall cases. Knowing them will help you to avoid these mistakes if you encounter the same situation in your life.

Failing to report the accident:

Usually, people will feel embarrassed after a slip and fall accident and will leave the spot immediately. But reporting the accident to the property owner or the appropriate person is important. Also, ask for a copy of the incident report from them.

Saying I am sorry:

People tend to apologize for an accident immediately even if it is not their fault. But you have to resist this urge and do not apologize until you know who is really at fault for the accident.

Ignoring the witnesses:

Witnesses will play a significant role when you go to a court for claiming money for your injuries caused by a slip and fall accident. Their statement will help the judge or jury to determine who is responsible for the accident. Therefore, do not forget to talk with your witnesses and collect their contact details as you will need their help in the following stages.

Failing to collect the evidence:

Evidence is very important in case of every accident. It plays a crucial role in establishing the liability of the accident. Hence, collect maximum evidence from the accident scene that will help you to prove the owner’s negligence in the accident.

Ignoring your pain:

In slip and fall cases, most people consider the injuries as minor and they hesitate to seek medical attention. However, it is very important to call for paramedics, as it not only helps you to ensure that you do not have any serious injuries but also will be helpful when you file a lawsuit.

Providing a statement for insurance companies:

This is a mistake that most people tend to commit. Giving a statement to insurance companies may jeopardize your claim. Hence, never give them an official statement regarding the accident.

Not consulting slip and fall attorneys:

Slip and fall attorneys will have great knowledge and experience in slip and fall cases, hence they can help you to get the maximum amount you deserve. Therefore, consult a good attorney for filing the claim in the court on your behalf.

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