5 Steps to Take Right after a Slip, Trip, and Fall Incident

Slip And Fall Attorneys
Slip And Fall Accident

If you have sustained injury in a slip, trip, and fall incident, there are a number of steps to take right away, including calling a well-known firm of expert slip and fall attorneys. Everything you do following the accident can bear on how strong a legal case you are able to bring in court, or better yet, to a settlement. Following are five important things to do in order, right after you have recovered sufficiently from fall.

Seek Medical Treatment

Your health is the foremost priority after a slip and fall accident, so get to a doctor, or have someone take you to one. Have them properly document and treat your injuries. The record they make of your condition would be important as evidence, should you choose to file a personal injury claim.

Report the Accident

Regardless where the accident occurred, you need to make sure it gets reported right away to the owner, manager, or landlord. Try to get them to write down the details somewhere, and request that they make you a copy of this.

Document Everything

Get contact details from as many witnesses as you can. If it comes to trial, their statements could raise your chances of acquiring legal compensation. Take pictures of the spot where you tripped, as well as the one where you landed, and the path you fell down. Additionally, get pictures of any lingering dangers that point to the reason for the accident. Take the clothing and shoes you were wearing at the time, and stow them somewhere safe, so that if need arises they can be used later as evidence.

Refrain from Giving Statements

Stay calm, and cut your communication down to that with the owner or manager of the property. At no cost should you post anything about the incident on social media. If the insurance company approaches you for details, tell them you wish to speak with your attorney first. Place or accept no blame; simply wait until you have received reliable legal advice on the matter.

Call an Attorney

Slip and fall attorneys make a business of advising personal injury victims on the best ways to proceed after an accident. A capable legal practitioner can locate and untangle complexities in specific injury cases, and would steer you towards the best ways to gain compensation from the at-fault party.

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