Who Is Liable If You Fall Down a Staircase?

Slip And Fall Accident
Slip Fall Attorney

Falling down a staircase can happen at your home, workplace or at any other places. Sometimes it can lead to a permanent disability of the body parts.

Causes Of The Fall

The reasons for the fall on the staircase can be many. The stairs may be unsafe and the falls on such stairs will result in severe injuries. Sometimes the hand railings of the staircase may not be properly built or maintained. Also if the stairs of the staircase are not even and if the steps differ in their height and width, there is chance that you fall down the stair and get injured. If the stair surface is slippery or wet, there is high chance for you to slip and fall down the stairs. Slip-proofing the steps with the suitable material can help you to overcome this difficulty. It is common for you to fall down a dimly or barely lit staircase as well.

The Need of A Slip Fall Attorney

The help of a slip fall attorney in your staircase fall accident is very necessary. To determine the liability of the staircase fall case, you must know all the laws which affect the case. An experienced slip fall attorney can guide you in this process. The attorneys have expert engineers working with them who will examine and determine if there was any problem with the proper maintenance of the stairs. Any code violations or safety hazards must be understood and considered seriously for the strength of the claim that you raise.

The person liable for the fall can be concluded only after considering and examining all these things together. There must be enough evidence to prove the negligence of the person responsible for the fall.

The injuries that a person may suffer due to the fall down a staircase may turn out to be fatal. The fall can cause injury to many parts of the body. There can be internal as well as external injuries. Very often the victim suffers ankle and knee injuries and also injuries of head, neck and back. There can also be shoulder, arm or wrist dislocations which can be extremely painful.

It is necessary for you to seek medical assistance soon after you had a fall. Make sure that you also keep the medical procedures recorded which can help you later in the procedures of the lawsuit. An experienced slip fall attorney can guide you in all of these procedures.

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