Who is Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident at a Sports Facility

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Slip And Fall Accident
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It is not uncommon that people sustain injuries when at a sports complex. Is it possible to hold that property’s concerned party liable for the injuries? The answer is yes and no. Basically, it depends on how it happened and whether certain conditions were satisfied so that legal action is possible.

If the lessor or owner of the facility did not properly maintain the premises, and consequently, one got injured while they were on it as a guest, the guest could hold the guilty party legally responsible for the injuries they sustained. For this, the person will need the help of a slip fall attorney to prove their claim.

Under California’s premises liability law, it is the owner or operator’s responsibility to exercise a reasonable level of care in controlling the guests’ activities. When it comes to slip and fall accident cases, obviously their duty is to take the necessary steps to prevent it. That involves informing the person who comes to their property of the dangerous condition that could lead to slip and fall. In other words, to prevent the accident from happening, they have to keep the guest from entering the dangerous area.

Let us assume the accident happened when one set foot on a puddle of water somewhere in the facility. In such a case, it is the property owner or operator’s duty to do the needful, which basically means getting the surface safe to walk by having water cleared. What’s more, this potentially slippery surface could have come into place when another baseball audience spilled some liquid on the gallery floor. It could also be possible that the area of such a sports facility was under construction, hence the puddle. As you can see, there is so much going on at a sports facility that it is not uncommon for an accident to happen.

If the concerned party had done what is always required of them, and if they have an experienced premises liability lawyer to fight on their behalf in court, then they would escape liability. However, when they have not exercised their duty, a knowledgeable and experienced premises liability lawyer can help you get the compensation amount that you deserve. Other factors which could help the professional to determine responsibility are whether:

  • The workers were notified of the dangerous state of the surface;
  • Being the concerned party, you noticed the condition thereof but ignored it;
  • It was marked as unsafe or wet;
  • Patron(s) were steered clear of the area and presented with an alternative and safe way to walk to their seat, exit, or else use the facility.

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