Possibilities for the Insurance Company to Deny Claim for Slip and Fall Accident

Slip And Fall Accident
Slip And Fall Accident

It is a fact that you can claim money if you are involved in a slip and fall accident. When filing a lawsuit for recovering money for such an accident, you will be most probably dealing with the property owner’s insurance company. Insurance companies will always try to protect their benefits. Therefore, they will try their maximum to deny your claim. So, it is important for you to prove your right to get the claim in the court. You can hire good slip and fall attorneys to help you win the case and to recover the money you deserve.

However, you should be aware of the circumstances when an insurance company can deny your claim. Knowing them will help you to avoid any possible situations, where your claim will be denied. Following are some of the causes for the claim denial by the insurance company.

Policy Exclusion

Insurance policies might exclude some injuries from their area of coverage. These exclusions may be vaguely represented in the document such that you will not be able to understand them properly. There are many such cases where the insurance companies denied the coverage based on a technicality which is vaguely or briefly described in the documents.

Expiration or Lapse of Coverage

Sometimes the insurance policy owners may forget or neglect to renew the policies after their expiration date, and the coverage will not be automatically renewed or extended in most of the cases. In such circumstances, the insurance companies will not cover for the insurer in case of injuries or losses.

Incorrect or Incomplete Claim

If the person who is filing a lawsuit for claiming money provides incorrect information or fails to comply with the requirements for submitting the claim, then the insurance company will definitely deny your claim. So make sure to conduct a thorough investigation about the possibilities for claim denial before you submit the claim for a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall attorneys will be able to help you to understand the terms and conditions for claiming the money in a case where an insurance company is involved.

Delay in Treatment

If the person who makes the claim fail to get immediate treatment or delays the complaint, then the insurance company will deny the claim.

Limited or No Medical Records

Without the submission of proper medical records, no insurance company will grant your claim.

Preexisting Condition

Another argument that can be put forward by the insurance company to deny your claim is that, the injury is a result of some preexisting health problems and not caused by the accident.

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