Liability in Case of Restaurant Negligence

Slip and fall injury
Restaurant Negligence Law

Restaurant negligence is an important subject to know about since the restaurant business is very important in California. There are so many new restaurants coming up and so many going down on a daily basis in the state. It is a fact that the restaurant owners are responsible for the safety of the customers. However, many times, there are numerous chances for accidents to occur inside the restaurant. It can be burning your tongue with the hot soup or something terrible than that. It is not so unusual for the customers to have a slip and fall in the restaurant.

In the slip and fall accidents which happen inside the restaurant, it is important to know if the restaurant is liable for the accident.

Restaurant Negligence

It includes the accidents and damages that occur inside a restaurant. It is a special type of premises liability case. If a customer is served very hot food, which may cause severe burns, it falls under the restaurant negligence. The negligence of the restaurant owner or the employees may lead to the accident, which you suffer inside a restaurant. Sometimes a customer might slip on some food and suffer a fall in the dining area of the restaurant. This will be considered as an accident, which happened due to the negligence of the employee.

Similarly, a customer might suffer a slip and fall in the bathroom area of the restaurant because the cleaning company did not take proper measures to dry the area or to put up a caution board there. In all such cases, the owner of the restaurant will be held liable because it is his or his employee’s negligence, which caused the accident. If he had failed to act in an appropriate way to prevent the accident, the customer has the right to sue him.

There can be cases of negligent security in some restaurants. In some restaurants where fights or brawls have happened in the past, it is the responsibility of the owner to appoint security to protect the customer from danger. This is needed usually in the nightclubs. The owner will be liable for the accidents or crimes happening in such a scene only if he knew the danger beforehand and yet did not take any measures to prevent it.

Sometimes, it may be the property owner who is held responsible for the damages you suffer in the slip and fall injury in the restaurant. If the restaurant had leased or rented the space from a property owner, then he may be liable for your fall sometimes. It depends on the statement of lease, which is already agreed upon between the owner and the restaurant chief.

Consult your slip and fall attorney for guidance in your case.

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