Injuries Sustained in Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip And Fall Accident
Slip And Fall Cases

A slip and fall accident is capable of causing injury ranging from minor bruises to permanent disability. A number of different injuries can be sustained by the victim, and for someone seeking to be careful, familiarizing with all of these can be a hard task. That said, the main types could be distinguished as the following.

  • Back and Neck Injuries: Slips, trips and falls can cause the disks in the spinal column or lower neck to break or slip, aside from setting the stage for chronic pain, which may end up requiring surgery to cure. In many cases, this is essential to remove whatever debilitation is keeping the person from working to earn a living.
  • Head Injuries: Slip and fall injuries can comprise concussions, or even traumatic brain injuries, which can rob the victim of mobility memory, balance, etc., or leave them impaired by behavioral and cognitive issues.
  • Pelvic Injuries: Because most victims in these cases are seniors by age, an incident would very normally cause cracked pelvises and broke hips. There is a lot of pain following anything of that sort, and the person usually ends up having to get surgery as well as a nursing home stay.
  • Torn Ligaments and Tendons: Any falling person would try to catch themselves if they were able to. A quick response can either save them or make matters worse, injuring them even more badly. If you use your knees, feet, or hands to prevent a fall, it is possible that you will tear a tendon or ligament. Physical therapy and surgery can cure a lot of that, but there are often lingering effects of the incident, which stay until the end of your days.

Categories of Compensation

In slip and fall cases, the victim often gets general compensatory damages awarded to them by the court. These are meant to make up for the non-monetary losses, which they incurred because of the property owner’s negligence, which include the following.

  • Mental anxiety
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of companionship

Under special compensatory damages, the victim stands eligible to claim recompense for monetary expenses resulting directly from the injury. Anything required to make the plaintiff whole once more, would fall under the defendant’s legal responsibility to provide or financially shoulder. This obviously requires that the latter be proven guilty, which is why clear and precise litigation is crucial.

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