Indoor vs. Outdoor Slip and Fall Cases

Slip And Fall Injury
Slip And Fall Cases

Every year many people are hospitalized due to slip and fall injuries. Slip and fall accidents may occur both inside and outside premises. An idea about the indoor and outdoor slip and fall cases will help you to avoid legal confusions regarding them. Below discusses are the various aspects of the indoor and outdoor slip and fall cases.

Indoor Slip and Fall Cases

As the name indicates, indoor slip and fall cases are related to accidents inside the premises. Some of the most common places where indoor slip and fall can occur are given below.

Escalators and Elevators

A number of slip and fall cases are reported on escalators and elevators. Mechanical devices should be easily accessible and free of any objects which cause accidents. Authorities/ homeowners should ensure to install fully automated devices with good functionality on their premises. In addition to device failures, accidents may also occur because of the negligence of passenger, cluttered devices, etc.


Staircases should be maintained clean and dry. It should be made children friendly and should have handrails on both sides. Also, authorities have to ensure stairs that are accessible for disabled persons.


Accidents on wet floors are very common. Often children are the victims of slip and fall accidents on wet floors. Therefore, the floors should be always kept clean and dry. Keep away slippery materials including oils, debris, and other objects which cause slip and fall accidents. Hotels and restaurants where drinks are served should take care of this seriously.

Outdoor Slip and Fall Cases

Outdoor slip and fall cases occur on the outside premises. Following are some situations which involve outdoor slip and fall cases.

No Outdoor Lighting

Lack of outdoor lighting may cause slip and fall accidents. Every home should have proper lighting on its outdoors, especially in parking areas, front doors, etc. A homeowner will be liable for outdoor slip and fall cases which are caused due to poor outdoor lighting.

Outside Snow

Homeowners are not legally required to remove the snow that forms outside their house. But if any slip and fall accident occurs due to the outside snow, then the homeowner will be held liable.

Slippery Sidewalks

The owner will be liable for slip and fall accidents caused by the slippery sidewalks near his property. He will have to pay compensation to the victim for not keeping the sidewalks clean and neat.

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