Important Things You Should Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

Slip And Fall Cases
Slip And Fall Cases
Slip And Fall Cases

Slip and fall accidents are not a matter to laugh and forget. These accidents can cause serious injuries like broken bones, head traumas, spinal injuries etc. Most of the slip and fall accidents are caused due to the negligence of property owners. So the injured person has the right to seek compensation for his losses.

 It is important to know what to do after a slip and fall accident for claiming the compensation. Here are the important steps you need to follow after a slip and fall accident.

Get Medical Attention Immediately

After the accident, look for any injuries in the body and seek medical attention immediately. Getting a treatment from the doctor will document the fact that you were hurt from the slip and fall accident. This document will be the important piece of evidence for claiming the compensation you deserve.

Report The Incident

If the slip and fall accident happened in a store, on a sidewalk, or at a friend’s house, report the incident to a manager, owner or landlord. Do not forget to get a copy of the written incident report from the manager. The incident report is very valuable for building up your slip and fall case.

Collect Evidence

If possible, take pictures of the injuries you sustained in the accident and of the accident scene. Most of the slip and fall accidents happen due to wet floors or loose carpeting. Take wide shots of the area of the accident, which would show there were no warning signs. If there were any witnesses for the incident, collect their names, addresses and phone numbers. Their statements will help you in claiming the compensation.

Maintain A Case File

Maintaining a case file is really important for claiming the compensation you deserve. Save all the documents including the medical bills, other records of the expenses related to the accident, records that document the loss of income due to the absence from work and correspondence with insurance companies.

Do Not Give Statements

Remember not give any recorded statements without first speaking to an attorney. The property owner’s insurance company may try to obtain a recorded statement from you. Refrain from giving any statements or your answers can be used against you.

Call An Attorney

A lawyer experienced with slip and fall cases can provide you with valuable legal assistance after the accident. An attorney can be really helpful during the processing of the claims and negotiating with the insurance companies.

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