How to Minimize the Possibility of a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip And Fall Accident
Slip And Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident is one of the most common reasons for personal injury and even fatalities. This refers to the type of accident happen when one steps on a slippery surface and consequently, falls right away. Sometimes, the nature of the fall could lead to severe head injuries and even demise. As per the New York Times newspaper, falls are the main cause of both non-fatal and fatal injuries for older people in the US. An older individual sustains fatal injuries in America every 19 minutes due to a fall. Over 25% of people who are aged 65 years and above fall every year, and 20% of falls bring about serious injuries. Many of these non-fatal and fatal falls can be prevented when the right preventive measures are taken.

Do Exercise To Stay in Good Shape

Staying in fine shape is an excellent way to reduce the possibility of falling. Frequent, low impact exercise, which includes Tai Chi practice, can help you maintain coordination and balance as well as aid in strengthening of the leg. It is important to have frequent eye checkups to make sure any vision issues, like macular degeneration or cataracts, are found early. Cataract is common in an older person, and the vision blurriness that results from that condition, increases the possibility of a slip and fall accident.

Medication Reviews

Visit a pharmacist or doctor for an annual review so that you can find out which medicines, or a combination of drugs, may cause drowsiness or affect balance. Sometimes, reducing the intake of a medicine may keep treating your condition, while reducing the risk of its side effects. Some over-the-counter and prescription medications may cause an individual to slip. It is best that you consult with your medical professional to find out which one may affect you this way.

Wear the Right Footwear

Regardless of your age, you must wear appropriate footwear when shopping or doing other tasks. For the best results, use boots with well-gripped soles and low heels. Wear shoes that are appropriate for the terrain and weather you anticipate encountering.

Pay Attention

In an age where many are just glued to their phones and lack situation awareness, slip and fall accidents occur more often. Paying attention when you walk and not allowing you to be distracted is another excellent way to avoid this kind of an accident.

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