How Social Media Could Affect your Slip and Fall Case

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There are people every day that get hurt from the carelessness or negligence of others. The injuries, which they suffer, may be of the kind that heals in days, or remains and essentially cripples them for the rest of their lives. If you have had to suffer an injury of those or any other kind, the legal system in California makes you eligible to receive proportional compensation.

Slip and fall cases are one area where another person’s negligence is usually the cause for the victim’s injury. Such accidents can occur in several ways, as can the damage they cause. Often, there is a direct impact on the victim’s finances, mainly from them being rendered unable to go work, as well as saddled with medical and rehabilitation costs.

Other than that, a slip and fall accident can also negatively impact the person’s emotional wellbeing, in addition to their social life. Ongoing pain from the injury can even get in the way of performing daily living activities.

How Social Media Can Affect Slip and Fall Cases

When seeking compensation for damages suffered consequent to a slip and fall accident, it is vital to prove that you were injured due in large part to another person’s negligence. The injury too must be proven to be severely affecting your life, both financially and otherwise.

In seeking to invalidate your claims, the opposing party would try proving either that the defendant was not at fault, that your injuries are not as bad as you claim, or both. Here, social media can serve as a powerful tool in their favor. A defense attorney would typically monitor your accounts on various social platforms, in hopes of finding evidence that goes against your claims.

A regular social media user generally posts a number of innocent comments that could be misinterpreted in a variety of ways. When you have an ongoing slip and fall injury claim, this can be a very bad thing. Additionally, any recent picture in which you seem to have physically exerted yourself, can lend weight to the defense’s claim that you are not, in fact, suffering. Because of that, it is important to avoid posting any content that shows you exerting yourself physically, taking personal outings, or spending large sums of money. So monitor your account, and delete anything on it that you think could hurt your lawsuit.

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