Common Misconceptions Regarding Slip and Fall Cases in California

Slip And Fall Accident
Slip And Fall Cases

According to statistics, there is a person falling down somewhere in the United States every second. Slip and fall accident remains to be the major reason for the death and injuries among elderly Americans. The young people are also victims of the slip and fall cases very often. Though it is a common occurrence, the rules and regulations in the slip and fall cases remain to be a factor of confusion among many. There are several misconceptions regarding the same. Below are some of the common misconceptions about the slip and fall cases in California.

Misconception 1: if a Person Falls in a Business Establishment, it Gives Them the Power to Sue Automatically

Many people believe that if they fall within the premises of a business, it naturally gives them the right to sue them. According to the California premises liability law, there has to be a cause of action from the slip and fall if the business acts in a negligent way. This covers a set of actions such as failure to repair the damaged step or using inappropriate floor wax, which might cause the fall. Without any evidence for negligence on the part of the business under question, it is not possible to sue a business in relation to slip and fall cases.

Misconception 2: Slip and Fall Occur Only To the Older People

There is a widespread misconception that slip and fall cases happen only to the older population. This is completely wrong. In fact, slip and fall could happen to anyone, regardless of their age. It is true that elderly people file more cases regarding slip and fall incidents. This is because they are more severely affected and they may pick up more injuries compared to young people. People from all age groups file slip and fall case across the state of California.

Misconception 3: Slip and Fall Cases Rarely Culminate In Large Settlements

To the surprise of many people, there have been several settlements in slip and fall accident cases which involved multi-million dollars. The plaintiffs in the slip and fall cases are able to seek settlements for different reasons such as pain and suffering, lost wages, ongoing disability, and medical expenses. The amount of compensation you are eligible for will depend on the damages caused by the accident. It is advisable to consult a slip and fall attorney if you require further clarification regarding the slip and fall law in California.

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