Reasons to Include Video Content in your Online Marketing Campaign

Online Retail Marketplace

Most businesses want to be noticed in the online retail marketplace. Businesses should go digital to increase their customer base. Surprisingly, many businesses with physical stores expand themselves with virtual things or convert their status today.

So to revamp your online marketing approach, you must know the role that videos play in this process. It may take further time and other resources to design a clip and make it a part of your virtual courses of action, but it will bring amazing rewards. Online video content is a more effective tool of marketing than direct email and print. Are you wondering whether to use videos to market online? For your knowledge, here are some reasons to include it in your marketing approach.

Video Increases Conversion

If your landing webpage has video, the possibility of your visitors turning into clients is 80% more. Why? Because it is a more engaging and informative form of content than plain text. It highlights the significant aspects of the service or product, and excels at giving a closer view of your subject.

As per a Hubspot report, 97% of marketing professionals feel that videos help potential buyers to better understand the goods. Remember that we live in a world of social media where instant gratification through visual content is the norm. The more graphics and videos on your webpage, the more will be your conversion rates.

Video Makes Your SEO Better

The newest Google algorithm values the webpages that feature videos. As per Google, websites containing high-quality videos often have a higher rank than some other very credible sites. However, you should be sure to use the right keywords and proper tags for a higher position in the video search results, shown in a grid format.

With your site having video content, the user is more likely to click on it and end up on some other webpage. Google monitors how many webpages the visitors see. It often brings up the webpages with the maximum clicks.

It Attracts the Mobile Audience

Experts say that smartphone users are likelier to watch such content because the use of these devices is increasing more and more rapidly. According to a recent YouTube report, mobile video usage increases by 100% yearly. The popularity of this form of content and adoption of the smart devices are connected. People love to see videos when they are moving or very busy.

Ensure that the video content is optimized for smartphones. Your strategy will be wasted if it does not play on many devices. Try to include text cues and subtitles in your video to enhance the appeal of it and compel the audience to act.

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