Have You Decided To Sue? Hold Your Horses!

People are in a rush to sue, whenever they are in a dispute- be it a financial dispute or a car accident dispute. However, there are ways in which you can keep out of the court by means of effective communication and compromise. Just because there is a dispute doesn’t mean that there needs to be a legal course of action.

Why You Should Think Before Deciding To Sue: The Implications

Remember that there are financial compensations that may or may not take care of the underlying issue of the dispute. The financial implications of you losing the case should be known to you by now. Winning the claim comes at a cost such as attorney’s fees, lawsuit filing fees to name just a few.

Here are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before taking the all too important step to sue.

  • Is Your Case Good?

Is the grounds of filling the case justifiable? Do you have a genuine legal claim for the court to support your position?

Just because you slipped in a store doesn’t mean that you need to pursue a slip and fall claim. If your story has holes in it, then you better pray that your lawyer is good! But then again, whatever is good comes at a premium price that comes out of your pocket.

  • Have You Put Forward Your Final Demand?

If they feel that they are wrong and are at fault, and is capable of the situation right, then most of the businesses and individuals will do whatever they can to resolve the matter than be taken to the court of law.

Before you decide to sue them, open the channels of communication to congregate and resolve the matter. If they won’t respond to you, even after repeated tries via the consumer court, then you know that you tried.

  • Have You Tried To Settle By Compromise?

Take the perspective of the party’s. if they have a valid argument or a potential claim against you, then be smart and position yourself accordingly.

You can always decrease the amount that you are asking for. You are banking in more money this way than you would ever if you were to drag them to court by suing them- the attorney’s fees and the other costs in connection to the lawsuit will eat into your compensation.

If you have exhausted your options, then there may be no option but to sue. If it is a real estate related lawsuit you are filling, then there is no substitution to expertise and a proven track record- A Israeli Law firm in the US, such as ours is one such shining example.

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