Five Things You May Not Know About Rum

Rum is an alcoholic drink typically made from molasses. There is more to it than being one of many best alcoholic spirits. Here are five fun facts regarding rum that you might not be aware of. By heart as many of these facts as possible so that you can share them with your mates when having rum.

It Was Used As A Currency

People used rum in the form of currency back in the 1700’s. Several employees received it in their package of benefits. Back then, it was usual for mariners to get it in this way. This may sound cool, but the issue with this currency was that the recipients drank it. Now, if only every job came with a bottle of rum as a perk.

There Is A Rum Novel And Movie Based On It

Writer Hunter Stockton Thompson’s novel ‘The Rum Diary’ written way back in the 1960’s was published only in 1998. Another interesting fact is that actor Johnny Depp, a friend of Thompson, discovered its manuscript from a box. Now, what else ‘The Rum Diary’ has to do with the drink? The favorite drink of Thompson was Chivas Regal’s rum, and Depp wanted a glass of it on the movie set daily.

It Is Rather Healthy

Before 1970, the UK’s naval warfare force distributed a rum ration as it was thought to defend the user against a disease called ‘scurvy’. The ration, also referred to as ‘tot’, was distributed to mariners present on Royal Navy’s vessels.

Drinking rum in moderate quantity often is thought to be beneficial for the human heart. Some still feel that it can help to stop loss of hair.

There Are Several Rum Varieties

Many think that only a single type of rum is available, but this is not true. Many varieties of rum are there, like gold, light, black, aged, dark and navy. When you want light-flavored rum, choose white rum. If you need a rich variety, black rum would be right up your alley. If you are looking for some of these varieties, just go to Country Wine and Spirits website for a collection of branded rums.

It Has Several Nicknames

There are numerous nicknames to rum. Some of these are ‘Kill-Devil’, ‘Navy Neaters’, ‘Demon Water’, and ‘Nelson’s Blood’. Local rum was unrefined and harsh, as opposed to the rum available nowadays. Rum was very strong, so people felt that drinking it would destroy the devil in them.

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