Digital Signage versus Print Signage: Which Is Better?

Several businesses are in a dilemma regarding which display solution to choose from print signage and digital signage. Conventional printed display services have long been in existence, but digital signage has become more popular in recent years. Are you in a fix regarding which option to choose to display your PR or marketing material? If yes, keep reading for more info on the difference between both to settle on one.


Does your business plan to rely on signage to cause more footfall or sales in the long run? If yes, effective electronic signage would be worth a considerable investment. The recurring expenses of fresh large format media in print are quick to add up. You could save that sum by using electronic signage, which is upgradable at any time. This is particularly beneficial if a mistake, price/product change or damage occurs that would render print signage ineffective.

Most of the printing costs and related costs require more administration and infrastructure, which you could reduce considerably with electronic signage.


Digital signage tends to be regarded as a superior option than print signage mostly because the former produces better light. The light from traditional digital signage displays allows for superior visibility than printed signage. Images displayed on screens will appeal more to the audience, and the light source makes it right for spaces where the weather is less than perfect. The source of light is effective particularly in darker settings.

Moreover, electronic signage displays have very valuable functionality, which makes printed signage’s advertising effect smaller in comparison. The capability of making advertisements move with digital tools adds a dimension to the message you use that print media cannot match. This enables merchandisers and marketers to make advertisements like the ones they pay a lot to display on television to workplaces, stores, or high streets.

This particular point will be enforced when you think about the many different HD/4K signage solutions out there. With theologies like holographic screens, switchable glass or mirror screens, and with the various specialist displays constantly being formed, the scope of creatively possible things is endless.

Customer Engagement

The most important factor in increasing sales is the engagement level of your digital advertising messages. An ad is not rewarding when it is not engaging; if so, your sales would reflect this. How does your business make engaging content? Delivering your information through a way that can engage people at one glance is among the best choices.

You must think about the better-than-usual functionality of various solutions out there. For instance, switchable glass screens provide beyond just an electronic signage solution – these also act as a stylish and effective privacy solution.

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