Are D, E and F Color Graded Diamonds Worth the Higher Price?

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Colorless diamonds are very rare, so you have to pay a premium price for these. Diamonds with D, E and F color grades come in the ‘colorless’ category. A ‘D’ color graded diamond is fully colorless, whereas one with the ‘F’ grade has some amount of hue. When it is viewed face-down, only a trained eye can detect this tint. An untrained, unaided eye cannot tell this difference between both.

Most people cannot understand which one is a colorless diamond and which one has a ‘J’ grade, especially when they view it face-up. A diamond is set in an engagement ring with its front portion/face turned upwards for you to view. Assuming you wear it on your finger, which one would you go for: a colorless or a near-colorless diamond?

Let us take a look at this site to know whether the extra money is worth it just to have the ‘colorless’ grade on paper? There is no definite ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer to this question. It is a personal choice. While some people are after perfection, others like the ice-white appearance of a D color-graded diamond.

For the more average folk, an ‘H’ color graded diamond will also look perfectly white. To pay more money for that ‘colorless’ grade is to pay for something you cannot fully appreciate in practical situations.

It takes no less than 4 color grade differences for the color to be visible when you compare the diamonds next to one another. So unless your intended does a side view comparison of her near-colorless diamond with her friend’s colorless one, she will likely not know that hers is near-colorless.

Diamonds falling in the G to I color scale gives the most value for money. The price difference between a ‘D’ (colorless) graded diamond to an ‘F’ graded counterpart is hundred something dollars. For instance, going from that colorless grade to an ‘E’ graded diamond will fetch you thousands in savings. The same applies to choosing an ‘F’ graded diamond instead of one with ‘E’ color grade.

However, this price variance is considerably more when you go below ‘F’ grade, from ‘G’ up to ‘I’ that is. This means just by choosing a lower color grade (H or I) instead of a higher one (G), you can save considerable money on your diamond.

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