All You Need To Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

Stay alert and be prepared! This should be the motto that we all should stand by for the coming times of turmoil. The reason for this post is to inform and not to scare the readers. It is better to be enlightened and ready, than be ignorant and blind at this crucial juncture.

Countries, leaders and public health experts are in a frantic chase to decode and understand the what, how and when of the new novel Coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan, China. The infectious nature of the virus caused it to jump from infected person to healthy person and within a span of 70 odd days; the tally of infected people has reached 200,000. The virus has managed to breach into every single continent apart from Antarctica. Large outbreaks and cases have erupted in China, South Korea, Spain, Iran and Italy, with many more countries joining the fray! Cases in the US have climbed to more than 5000 and have made its way into all the 50 states.

But before we jump ahead of ourselves, let us first understand what we’re facing!

What Is COVID-19?

The coronavirus is a virus that is found commonly in animals of all sorts, but can sometimes evolve to forms that allow for animal to human transmission. This scenario is similar to the MERS and the SARS outbreak that took place in 2012 and 2002 respectively. The jump is believed to have happened at the wet markets of Wuhan, China where wild animals are kept. The possibility for the jump and patient Zero to have originated is high here!

How Does COVID-19 Spread? What Are The Symptoms?

It spreads by means of respiratory and saliva droplets produced on sneezing or coughing by the infected person. The droplets which on entering the mouth, nose or the eyes causes spreading. The symptoms are exactly flu like. These include runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, high fever, stiff muscles among many others.

How Can I Prevent It From Spreading?

Stay indoors! Isolate yourselves and don’t leave your house unless it is an emergency or you need to buy food.  Wear a face mask when you are out. You can get yourselves well-made affordable face mask at Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and don’t touch your face, mouth or rub our eyes.

The COVID-19 is a test of humanity’s mettle. Let us all rise to the challenge and take the dastardly Coronavirus virus head on!

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