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In case you were harmed from a fall because of a dangerous condition on another person’s property, you might consider filing a claim against the property owner. It is normal to wonder if it is the right move. An important factor you have to consider is the value of your slip and fall case. The truth is that it depends on the individual situation. Each case and the place of accident is unique. However, there are certain basic factors that should enable you to determine the value of your case.

Below is a discussion on valuing the slip and fall cases regarding the pain and suffering inflicted in the accident. Make it a point to consult slip and fall attorneys if such an incident happens to you or your loved ones.

Hospital Expenses – Present and Future

Your medical bills for past and future treatment identified with your fall will be used as the main factor for calculating your damages. In most cases, healthcare insurance agents accept a sum lower than the requested bill amount. Therefore, it is critical to realize what the rules in your region are. Generally, slip and fall incidents are worth the same amount as your medical bills. Hence, you can safely assume that you will be receiving this amount as a recovery. Additionally, you may receive the allowance that is called “pain and suffering.”

Pain and Suffering in a Slip and Fall Claim

Pain and suffering could not be as predictable as expected when it comes to putting a value to it. There are no clear methods for computing it. Generally, it is considered equal to the value of your medical bills. This is considered as the reference amount.

Based on the seriousness and permanency of your injuries and damages, the lawyers and protection agents assessing your case decide a multiplier to use. This is used alongside the medical expenses to come up with a figure you are qualified for as compensation. For example, if you fell a set of stairs and have a few fractures, there is a possibility of permanent disability. In such an event the pain and suffering would be calculated as five times the amount of your medical bill. On the other hand, if you fell a slippery floor and twisted your wrist, resulting in a month-long recovery period, you might be eligible for 0.5 times the medical bill.

Keep the above factors in mind before you head out to claim justice in slip and fall cases in California.

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