Do you Need to Hire a Lawyer for Slip and Fall Case?

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There can be situations in which you need a personal injury lawyer, and slip and fall cases are no different. In some of the cases like small car accidents or worker’s compensation cases, you might not need a lawyer. However, if your injury is very serious, you need to find a good lawyer for you.

In case of small car accident, the defendant is usually at fault and it can be obvious. Contrastingly, the fault of the defendant will not be obvious in slip and fall lawsuits, and the insurers might not acknowledge the liability to a person who is unrepresented.

Why Get an Attorney’s Help

If you do not have a lawyer for your slip and fall case, you might not get far with the lawsuit. In this type of cases, the first job of the attorney is to get the attention of the insurance firm and the defendant. It will be difficult for anyone to settle a slip and fall case without proper communication with the insurance company. A lawyer can be very much helpful to you even in that, as all sorts of personal injury litigations require proving damages and liability. The personal injury lawyer will be able to recognize all factors affecting damages and liabilities, both in a positive and negative way.

Proving Liability

In slip and fall cases, you will have to prove liability to go to trial or to settle the case, meaning that your lawyer will need to prove the negligence of the defendant that played a role in causing injury to you. In case of motor accidents, this can be usually straightforward and easy. However, in the case of slip and fall cases, it can be more complex and difficult.

The lawyer will confirm with you how the injury happened; as falls can happen real quick, many of us will not understand how we fell on the ground and got injured. The jury, the defense attorney, and the insurer will need to know many critical facts and details before offering you any compensation. After collecting the details of the incident, the attorney will need to find out ways to hold the defendant responsible for the injury from the fall.

A good personal injury lawyer will examine the scene, and discuss all the possibilities to help you find out how and why you fell. This is why it is always important to hire a lawyer to represent you in slip and fall cases.

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