Bicycle Accident in California: Things to Remember

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Bicycle accidents may be caused due to many reasons – careless driving, careless pedestrians, or unsafe road conditions. The California state laws allow anyone affected by an accident to file a lawsuit against the offender. So it is always a better idea to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer after an accident to learn how to proceed for compensation of the damages incurred. There are a few basic things that you need to remember if you ever encounter a similar situation and they are mentioned below.

Gather Information

One of the best things you can do after a bike accident is collect as much information about the incident as possible. This will help with your legal proceedings later. Basic information like the vehicle’s license plate number, the driver’s whereabouts and contact information, the driver’s insurance information, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), as well as , the year, model, and color of the vehicle can help a lot. It will be a bonus if you could manage to get the contact information of any of the witnesses.

Another thing that can help the lawsuit is digital evidence. Most of us carry smartphones with you these days. So, you can easily take a picture of the vehicle in question and the visuals of the damage caused. This will make it easy to assess the overall damage caused.

Refrain From Admitting Fault

Many people take responsibility of the situation right after the accident, even if it was not their fault. However, this is not good if you want to file a lawsuit. In case the other driver is insisting on you to admit fault, ask him to contact your lawyer. Every small detail matters in a lawsuit; remember that if you admit fault unfairly and unnecessarily, you will have to face its consequences.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Immediately

This is very important, even if you think that you can figure things out on your own. So stop trying to deal with the driver’s insurance company by yourself. It is quite possible that the company will try to make you agree with a low compensation offer. You do not have to settle for less than what you deserve.

The person who caused the accident is held responsible for the losses incurred. Occupation therapy, lost wages, disfigurement, scarring, medical bills, loss of consortium, and loss of earning capacity are a few things that the injured cyclist can claim in a personal injury lawsuit in California.

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