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Some of the best estimates place the yearly number of reported trip, slip and fall accidents occurring in the country at around 25,000. That shows that despite numerous laws, codes, and safety regulations and guidelines governing how properties are maintained, a lot of people still get injured while on another person’s property. If you have a similar experience, you should get in touch with the law offices of Joseph Y. Avrahamy.

These accidents are often caused by negligence on the property owner’s part. They are required by California law to ensure that no defects or dangers are present which could harm an individual with a legal right to be present at the property. Accident prevention is one of the duties of the owner, and covers prevention of unsafe ladders, staircases, floors, and surfaces. If you sustain an injury because these things were not done properly, then you may be eligible to seek compensation from the property owner. Based on how high your damages run, the court would award you a proportional compensation, payable from the defendant after they have been proven liable.

No injuries are too minor to sue over. There is also the matter of late-appearing injuries which could cost you heavily in medical bills and loss of wages over time. An experienced attorney can easily identify your damages and tell you about the effectiveness of taking the matter to court. Among property owners, businesses especially are legally required to take measures to ensure that passersby are safe from falls and other types of injury stemming from property defects. Guidelines must be followed when the laying floors and walkways, and the premises should be frequently surveyed to make sure they pose no threat to any person. In other words, liquid pooled on the floor is much more than just a puddle; legally, it is a safety hazard which should be removed as soon as possible.

When approaching a slip and fall injury case, it is important to know your rights as a California resident. Our attorneys can fill you in on your legal situation and its implications, as well as the compensation you can reasonably expect a jury to award based on your injury and other damages. We are prepared to fight for you during negotiations or litigation, and will seek the maximum monetary compensation on your behalf. We charge contingency fees, which means we get paid only if you do.